You may not have extensive experience riding in limousines and have wondered about the proper etiquette when renting one for that special occasion. We will publish a series of articles providing you with everything you need to know about using a limo service in Ontario like a pro. There are certain things you should know about proper use of a limo in Toronto from how to enter and leave, to what you should or should no do in the limousine and how to treat your driver. Some are just proper etiquette, some are common sense, and some are Ontario laws. We will start with Limousine Tips Limo Etiquette Entering a Limousine.

Limousine Tips Limo Etiquette Entering a Limousine

At the beginning of your limousine experience you must enter the limousine. Have you ever seen royalty crawl into a limousine head first with their rear ends sticking up in the air rudely pointing in the direction of the party or establishment they just left?  No, of course you haven’t; it’s not a very elegant way to enter any vehicle let alone a stretch limousine that is departing a special event.

The first thing to understand about entering a limousine is that  the driver, who is a professional chauffeur, should always be permitted to open and close the door for you whether arriving or departing unless there is a person, such as a doorman, who’s job it is to attend to that task.

Once the limousine door is open, the appropriate way to enter a limousine is to slide into your seat backwards while facing the those you are departing, then swing both feet up into the limousine. Now that you have entered gracefully you can simply slide over to the seating that was designated for you.

When you are exiting the limousine, slide over to the door, wait for your driver (or a doorman) to open the door, then depart with both feet first and rise from the vehicle facing the persons or destination that await your arrival. You have now made an elegant and graceful entrance to your event.

If there are several passengers inside the limousine, they should depart the limousine in the reverse order they entered it,using the same technique.
If you are out on the town in a limousine in Ontario whether attending an event in Toronto or touring Niagara for the day, a limousine can make a wonderful addition to make the event more enjoyable and a special memory. Looking and acting like you belong in that limousine goes a long way to the overall presentation and your personal enjoyment of the experience.

Limousine Tips on Etiquette for your Limo Service in Ontario

We will continue to write articles describing how to accomplish everything you do with style and grace so that you make maximum impact every time you use our service. Check back often for updates. Call us at the number below for more information about our limo service in Ontario and feel free to read more about our fleet  or request a free quote.


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