Renting A Holiday Limo Service For Your Company Office Party Is A Smart Choice

There are good reasons to hire a holiday season limo service for company events such as an office Christmas, New Years’ party or holiday season departmental lunch. Whether it is arranged formally on company grounds or informally by departments at a local bar or restaurant, there can be real consequences in not handling it correctly by using a company holiday limousine service for your employees. A holiday limo service can  free you from legal consequences.Here are 5 great tips on how to handle your office party or department lunch and the benefits of hiring a company holiday limousine service for your events to ensure all goes well.

Arrive At Events Safely In A Holiday Limo Service

If your holiday season event is off site, make sure everyone arrives on time by renting a holiday season limousine. Whether it is s a company wide event or the more common department year end get together, a holiday limo will make the event that much more special and ensures everyone arrives on time.

Keep Group Events In A Group By Using A Holiday Season Limo Service

If your holiday season or new years’ company get together is on the larger size, you might consider renting a larger stretch Hummer or even a Luxury Coach Bus to keep everyone together for the event.

Stay Safe During Breathalyzer Season By Using A Limo Service For Your Corporate Parties

If alcohol is being served at the department lunch, make sure everyone gets back to the office safe, DUI free, and on time. Nothing spoils the Holiday Season like being charged for impaired driving, or worse a preventable accident that turns a company celebration into a tragedy.

Holiday Season Tours Are Fun

Has your company department performed particularly well this year? If so, consider going the extra mile and instead of the traditional holiday department lunch that stretches to all afternoon anyway, take the department out on a half or full day tour in one of our luxury party buses. The group is contained, together and having a very special experience. There are many tours to choose from depending on where in Ontario you are based.

The Office Party Deserves A Company Holiday Limousine Service

For larger holiday season events such as an office New Years or Christmas party, a more coordinated company holiday limousine service is called for.

If some or most of the company attendees are from out of town, it is a great touch to ensure they get to all events safely and on time by providing a corporate holiday limo to and from company events.

Legal Responsibilities Are Growing

A Holiday Season Limo provides legal protection during the holiday seasonToday more than ever corporations must be aware of their legal responsibilities to employees and guest when throwing an office party or any company event over the holiday season. Not having an open bar by providing professional bar tenders provides some degree of alcohol control and is highly recommended if there will be alcohol served.

Having a few of our corporate limousines on standby for holiday events to take home employees who have been consuming alcohol and may not be able to drive safely. A couple of our simple town cars with professional drivers can ensure your employees make it home safely and avoid any potential lawsuits against the company related to impaired driving or other safety issues. One must not only think of the safety of your own employees but the general public as employees make their way home, hopefully not impaired and driving. Identifying those individuals who may need a ride home can be handled discretely by your event staff and or standby cars can be there in a few moments to take them home. As you can see, having a holiday season limo on standby is smart business.

The use of a holiday limo service helps in controlling the event from arrival to departure and ensuring the safety of all guests has become an important and necessary legal commitment for all organizations as courts continue to find corporations and event holders responsible for the actions of individuals attending their events.

The professional drivers at Atlantis Limousine can ensure the safety of all our passengers to and from any all holiday season events ensuring a positive experience for your company and all that attend.

We service most of Southern Ontario. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote for your company office party or department get together or call us 1-416-628-3308! Be sure to read our Why Use a Business Limousine Service post.


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