Donalt TrumpHow does Toronto Limousine Service, Donald Trump and the History of Limo’s all tie together? Well, Toronto was one of the first cites in North America to feature limousine services and Donald Trump had a design impact on the corporate limousine market when he partnered with Cadillac in the late 1980’s. Here is some information about limousines in Toronto a bit of limo history.

Limo History

Lets start with a bit of Limo History, before Donald Trump got involved. What exactly is a limo? Generally, it is a luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur. The very first limousine was built in 1902 and they were vehicles that featured enclosed backs for the passengers and an open drivers compartment, often with canvas covering the front. During these early times limousine use was reserved for the truly wealthy.

Limo history of limousine service in Toronto

Limousines eventually evolved into a more modern vehicle completely enclosed but maintaining the separation of driver and passengers with a window / partition to maintain passenger privacy.

Limousines in Toronto first started to appear in the early 1900’s and by the 1930’s seeing limousines in Toronto was a more common site with vehicles such as the 1937 Buick McLaughlin limousine being a very popular fully enclosed limo that was also built in Canada as well.

Today a limousine can be simply a luxury corporate car for executive use or a fantastic stretched custom vehicle or even party bus for the most special of occasions.

Donald Trump and Toronto Limousine ServiceDonald Trump & Limousines

In the mid 1980’s, a young Donald Trump approached the Cadillac division of General Motors with the idea of building a custom limousine with factory support stretched by custom coach builder Dillinger Coach Works luxury upgrades included real wood, imported leathers and custom. In 1987, the Cadillac Trump Series limousine was launched and aimed at the corporate executive and included full office equipment including mobile fax machines and paper shredders in the limo. The Cadillac Trump series program fell apart quickly when Trump focused on launching his Trump Shuttle service instead however the overall stretch design and furnishings of the Trump-Cadillac design set the design course for limousines for the next 2 decades.

So in many ways, the corporate limousine and airport limousine business today was influenced by this joint venture with Donald Trump and Cadillac.

Today limousines are used by everyday people to mark special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, graduations, and proms while corporations are expected to provide business guests with the safety and security of a corporate town car when travelling.

Standards for Limousines in Toronto and the GTA

Limousines in Toronto and the GTA are strictly licensed and managed by the city of Toronto so when running a Toronto limousine service there are many rules to follow.  Did you know that if you operate a stretch limousine service in Toronto the bylaws dictate it must be stretched 114 cm beyond the standard wheelbase to be considered a stretch limousine in Toronto? All stretch limos in Toronto must also be replaced after 8 years of age where as regular sedan limousines need to be replaced every 7 years. Here are some of the Toronto limousine service rules for operating a limousine in Toronto from City Hall.

Toronto Limousine Service in 2017

Today the limousine has evolved considerably. Instead of one stretch design there are many designs featuring many vehicles types from luxury corporate cars to stretched SUV’s and Hummers, and even Party Buses. What used to be reserved for the truly wealthy is available to all today from Atlantis Limousines at reasonable cost. If you own a small business consider stepping up your corporate presentation with clients by booking them a corporate limo, if you are celebrating a special occasion do so in an affordable but incredible limousine with luxury that even a young Donald Trump could not have imagined.

Atlantis Limousines have a huge fleet of every type of limousine available for every occasion throughout the GTA and all of South Western Ontario. Call, email or simply fill out our quote form to get the best price available for the limousine service that is unmatched throughout the Province.

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