Why Choose Atlantis Limousine in Ontario?

Today we are talking about Ontario Limousines. If you have read the other articles on this website and the description of our services you probably already have a dozen or more of your own good reasons for why we are the best choice for a limo in Ontario, but here are 7 more reasons to hire from Atlantis Limousine in Ontario that you might not have thought of.

  • Perfect Pick up and Drop off. Nobody knows Ontario like we do. No matter where you need to be picked up and no matter where you are going to, we know how to get your there quickly and efficiently. Our experienced drivers know every inch of Ontario and they know what routes will be busy and what routes will be flowing freely.
  • Our Ontario Limousines are exceptional. You can choose from every type of Limousine you can think of including stretch hummers, stretch SUB’s super stretch limo’s, Party Buses, and low key executive cars. We have the vehicle to fit your occasion and purpose anytime anywhere in Ontario
  • Your safety is our number one concern. Our Drivers are all professionals. Our Ontario Limousines are all in perfect condition, they not only look spectacular, they are maintained in tip top mechanical condition to ensure maximum safety for you and your guests.
  • No matter what occasion you are hiring us for, whether it is a corporate event, a wedding, a prom dance or a night on the town, we are always on time, have made our drivers aware of your plans and the venues and are ready to ensure your experience will be second to none.
  • You’ve probably heard of some Ontario limousine companies hitting their clients with hidden fees, it surprisingly common. Not here. We have no hidden fees to tack on to you bill. Everything you are charged for is explained in detail up front. There are no surprises; our bill will be exactly what we told you it will be every time. No hidden fees ever.
  • Planning assistance. Tell us what your event is, how many people are involved, how you wanted them handled and we can tell you exactly how many vehicles and what type of vehicles would be most important. You don’t want people crushing the bridesmaid’s dresses or the wedding dress during a wedding or cramping too many executives that may want to access their tablets or laptops in too small a vehicle. We know how much room persons requires for specific events and can help you plan your needs to ensure that no matter what event you are planning or where it is in Ontario, our transpiration service will be effective, comfortable and everything you imagined.
  • Our Chauffeurs are the most professional and courteous drivers you will ever meet. They take pride in what they do and how they do it. Your guests will be treated like royalty and arrive at their venue relaxed and in great spirits. Our drivers know the area they are servicing very well, they will not get lost, they will be on time, they can answer questions about the area, they are informed and helpful and that will give you and your guests confidence.

When you need a limo in Ontario choose Atlantis Limousine

When you need to hire a limo in Ontario, Atlantis Limousine stands head and shoulders above the rest. The combination of safety, the choice of beautifully maintained vehicles, courteous and knowledgeable drivers and the fact that there are just never any hidden fees make it the obvious choice for any special occasion. We serve almost all of Ontario here is our limousine service area.

Get your free quote on any of our Ontario limousines with no obligation! Or simply call Atlantis Limousine at 1-416-628-3308


Atlantis Limousine

1080 Tapscott Road
Unit 2
Scarborough, Ontario M1X 1E7
Phone: 1-416-628-3308
Email: info@atlantislimousine.ca


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